The show will soon air an interesting twist

SAB TV, Trideviyaan, Full House Media, Melanie Pais, Minal Mogam, Rashmi Gupta, Aishwarya Sakhuja, Samaira Rao, Shalini Sahuta

SAB TV’s Trideviyaan (Full House Media) will see the entry of three pretty damsels.

Yes, Indianwikimedia has learnt that talented beauties Melanie Pais, Minal Mogam and Rashmi Gupta will weave magic in the coming episodes.

The three will pose to be the real Trideviyaan and con people with their histrionics.

As per sources, “This will be an entertaining track wherein the real Trideviyaan (Aishwarya Sakhuja, Samaira Rao and Shalini Sahuta) will expose them and prove that they are not the Trideviyaans.”

We buzzed the actors, but they remained unavailable for a comment.

The track will play out in the coming days.

We will soon come up with more updates.

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